We have been using the ClubHub system for four years now and would be lost without it. The ease of use from online registration through to all levels of communication has become the focal point of our administration. The difficult job of team collation and assembly has now become considerably easier. The online noticeboard works well for administrators and coaches wanting to keep interested parties informed with up to date changes.
Most importantly however has been the ease of which complete novice users of ClubHub have been able to very quickly become competent in using the system.
I can highly recommend ClubHub, and would be happy to talk to anyone from your club that would like an end-users perspective.
Chris Ruffell - 0272466001
Chairman Juniors
Eastern Suburbs AFC
Feedback from our members has been fantastic and shows that the system not only benefits people on the administration side, but also the club members themselves. It is great to have a proper computer database, that caters for the specific needs of sports clubs.
The friendly ClubHub team deals quickly and efficiently with any support required, and is always updating and developing the service.  It is hard to imagine administering a sports club without this system, and I highly recommend it.
Sally Blyth - Club Administrator
Grammar Junior Rugby Football Club
Email: admin@grammarjuniors.org.nz
Since we adopted the ClubHub system, North Shore Cricket Club has found that our enrollment base is far more organised and communication among club officials, players, and volunteers has become easier. Furthermore, tedious administration time has decreased remarkably and gives those involved in the club more time to focus on more pressing matters.
The overall result of signing on to the ClubHub system has been a simple and fast enrollment process, a flawless database, and a knowledgeable liaison to tailor the system to the needs of the club.

Mac Chapman
North Shore Cricket Club
Email: mtkchapman@gmail.com

I am the Administrator for the Papakura City Football Club and we have been using ClubHub for 2 years for our 800+ members and we have found it wonderful.

One of the rewarding functions is the ability for the grade coordinators and coaches to have immediate access to all players details, once they register, saving a huge amount of time and energy.

The ClubHub system has reduced the workload of having to load player details onto an outdated system, which I was using for two years previously, and we have also had positive feedback from members about the improved communication that ClubHub has allowed through email.

Support from the ClubHub team is exceptional and I would not hesitate in recommending other clubs to go the ClubHub way and openly give my contact details.

Helen Lynch - Secretary/Administrator
Papakura City Football Club

Onslow Junior Football Club (OJFC) moved its registration and member database to Clubhub in 2008.

The Club and its membership are delighted with the information and administrative facilities provided by Clubhub, and the support provided by the system hosts, RedZed. Like many successful community and recreational organisations, our OJFC have grown to the point where the time and resources necessary to operate and maintain a manual and largely paper based registration system were out of step with the capacities of the volunteers who manage and administrate the Club.

With the move to Clubhub, OJFC has removed virtually all the paper shuffling, mail outs and postage necessary to register its members each football season. Gone too is the need for the Club's volunteers to receive, secure and bank the annual "avalanche" of subscription cheques and cash payments.

Instead, returning and new members enjoy the simplicity and convenience of registering themselves online and paying by credit card (or banking their cheques or cash themselves directly into the Club's bank account). As a result, the Club's treasury and registration functions are streamlined and simplified. And the Club as a whole enjoys the benefits of the latest and most accurate membership data and contact details, held securely in one central online database, and readily accessible by Club officials and members 24/7. It also means that players, coaches and referees can be deployed to grades, teams, trials and development programmes as soon as they register.

The Clubhub system comes at a cost - approximately $7 per player per season - but for a Club the size of OJFC (the largest junior football club in the Wellington region and one of the largest in NZ) these benefits, together with the savings in volunteer time, Club resources and administrative duties has been well worth it.

Greg Estall
Registration Secretary
Onslow Junior football Club Inc.

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