ClubHub - Online Registration

ClubHub's online registration process allows for almost any club or organisation structure.  Once registration is complete, experience powerful administration & reporting features for managing your membership online.

How it works:

Online Registration with ClubHub

1. Online Registration

New or renewing members register online from a link on your website.  Members enter their details directly into the database which can be tailored to your club’s needs.  Members can purchase kit or book events (clinics etc.) and pay securely online during registration 

  • Online Registration & payment radically reduces time and paperwork
  • Easily manage subscription payments for individuals and teams
  • Ensure immediate payment into the club’s bank account
  • Access a full audit trail of all information and payments

2. Volunteers & Officials  manage members

Your club managers and coordinators can log in and take care of club work from anywhere and any time, and can:

  • Communicate easily with selected groups
  • Manage grades, teams, members and ongoing payments
  • Call up reports for finances, and grade and team listings
  • Reconcile bank statements instantly back to individual member payments

3. Club members enjoy new benefits

ClubHub doesn’t just save administrators and volunteers time. Members can log in and update details from anywhere. They can easily process family registrations, purchase new classes or clinics and email other team members. ClubHub also enables members to buy apparel and equipment online and register and pay for coaching courses. Using ClubHub you can:

  • Integrate the system fully with your existing web-site – so it appears in your colours
  • Provide immediate information display - this can be very useful for cancellations!
  • Easily generate new events through emails to selected groups