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  1. Credit Card Process for DPS
  2. Handling the GST Rate Change (Admin)
  3. Xero and the GST Rate Change (Admin)
  4. ClubHub and Xero (Admin)
  5. Allow Grade Coordinators to View Financial Details (Admin)
  6. Balance Accounts prior to Archiving (admin)
  7. My credit card didn't work, the system is broken!
  8. Credit Card Payments - No Card Type Requested
  9. Xero Club - give a member a credit
  10. Collecting Last Season's Debts
  11. Getting a CH-1234567 reference on Internet Banking Payments
  12. Why is my calculated total on the Debt Reminders screen not the same as the Debtors Report Total?


  1. Why can't I reply to some ClubHub emails
  2. I don't think my emails are being sent
  3. About Support Emails
  4. Creating screenprints for emailing
  5. Marketing Emails (admin)
  6. How Do I Email All Donors (admin)
  7. I am not receiving emails sent by the club
  8. Members aren't receiving their emails (admin)
  9. Emails are going to the Member's SPAM folders
  10. Email Validation
  11. How do I contact members from last year
  12. Problems pasting Excel data into an email

General Use

  1. Administrator Security
  2. Unsupported Browsers
  3. Tell ClubHub what browser you are using
  4. Being Logged In More Than Once
  5. I try to logon but it just refreshes the screen
  6. What type of ClubHub club are we (admin)
  7. ClubHub Terms (admin)
  8. Asking Questions of ClubHub
  9. Printing from your browser
  10. About FAQs - please read
  11. What is the link for login (Admin)
  12. After credit card payment ClubHub tells me cookies are not turned on

Organising Players

  1. A player will play in two grades (admin)
  2. Re-registrations (admin)
  3. Can Non-Members Book Coaching (admin)
  4. How do I tell everyone what team they are in (admin)
  5. Adding players to team registered teams (admin)

Organising Families

  1. How do I separate or merge a family in ClubHub (Admin)

Managing Coordinators

  1. Change Grade Coordinator Viewing Rights (Admin)

Running reports

  1. Helper Report Sorting
  2. Printing from your browser
  3. Copy a report to Excel

Managing Images

  1. Make an uploaded file or image permanent (Admin)
  2. How long are upload files and images retained
  3. Use an internet image in an email
  4. Use an image in an email
  5. Upload an image
  6. Make image clickable
  7. Convert image formats

ClubHub Terms (admin)

Reading these forum postings you might see terms that are unfamiliar, for example, when we refer to a 'club' you might need to mentally substitute Association or Organisation or similar. That's because ClubHub allows you to call most things in ClubHub anything you want (we probably set them up for you when we initialised your club). For reference purposes, here are some of the terms used in this forum, along with alternative terms used in ClubHub by some of our customers... Club: Club, Association, Organisation Administrator: Administrator, Club Manager Coordinator: Coordinator, Convenor Player: Player, Member, Student, Racer, Sailor Other Member: Non Player, Non-Member, Associate, Non Sailing Member, Organiser Grade: Grade, League, Age Group, Category, Region, Yacht Class, Section Team: Team, Group, Fleet, Pack Coach: Coach, Captain, Helper, Leader Helper: Helper, Volunteer Family Group: Family Group, Team Group, Financial Group Season: Season, Club Year, Year Coaching Clinic: Coaching Clinic, Holiday Clinic, Coaching Course, Skills Training Course, Clinic, Course or Event, Course, Course/Event, Event, Class, Trip/Course

Credit Card Process for DPS

When a member decides to make a credit card payment by pressing the Create Online Payment button ClubHub creates a payment with identifier "FAILED", and waits for advice from DPS on what has happened.


If the user just looks at the DPS webpage and does not press DPS's SUBMIT button then that payment stays as FAILED forever.


If the user enters invalid details and presses DPS's SUBMIT button then that payment's identifier gets updated in ClubHub to the DPS return code - typically DPS(0/0/0). If the user presses the NEXT button while on that DPS page they get returned to ClubHub and see a message like The credit card was declined, but this was not because of ClubHub or DPS, it was because the bank was asked by DPS if the credit card transaction should be accepted, and the bank said no. To discover why the credit card was declined, the card owner should ring up your bank and ask them. They should not ask "is there anything wrong with my card?", they should ask them "why was my transaction shortly before 09:16 on 12th May 2011 declined?". Alternatively you can attempt the payment again, and carefully note the DPS response (if this problem occurred during Club registration you'll need to login and select Tasks >> Make a Payment).


If the user enters valid credit card details and presses DPS's SUBMIT button then
1. DPS tells them it's successful, and presents a NEXT button
2. ClubHub updates that payment's identifier to the DPS return code (something like 03840000000499)
3. ClubHub updates the payment to confirmed
4. If they press NEXT from DPS then ClubHub shows this message:
Payment Result The transaction was approved and the payment process is now complete.
Clicking the Show Receipt button will attempt to open your receipt in PDF format, so you need to have suitable PDF viewer software installed. Note that this link is only available here for a short time. If you want to print the receipt later, login and go to Tasks >> Show Statement.

Why can't I reply to some ClubHub emails

If the sender registered in ClubHub with his or her work email address it's possible it won't work in ClubHub for SENDING emails. That's because of a service called Sender Policy Framework (See that their employer may be using. So that people can still use their work email address in ClubHub (we advise them strongly not to) they can elect to send emails from a ClubHub "no reply" email address rather than their own. We show their real email address in any emails they send, so that you can contact them. Please don't reply to such emails, we suggest that you forward the email with your reply to the sender's real email address as shown.  

I don't think my emails are being sent

If your email address is your work email address it's possible that your email address is being blocked via a process called Sender Policy Framework (SPF). See SPF does not affect receiving emails, just sending them. SPF is, of course, an attempt to avoid the spam issues that banks and other large corporates are always fighting. We think that SPF is a fine idea, but it doesn't help ClubHub, nor members who send emails from within ClubHub, very much. To resolve this issue we have implemented a Sending Email Verification process to give users confidence that their emails are sent correctly. To check, open one of the email sending programs in ClubHub and click the link in "My current sending email status is ...To change click here.". Then press Check My Email Address Now. If you do not receive the email then your email address most likely can't be used for sending emails from ClubHub. You now have 2 choices:
  1. Change your email address to a personal one that won't be blocked e.g. a Gmail, Yahoo/Xtra, Hotmail or similar address - Recommended
  2. Change your settings in ClubHub so that when you send emails they come from - if you do this recipients will not be able to respond directly to you.

Handling the GST Rate Change (Admin)

New Zealand GST is increasing on 1 October 2010, and may affect your organisation. How you handle GST may depend whether your organisation's GST is paid on an invoice basis, or payment basis. Options for organisations who will be receiving payments around this time may be
  1. don't make any ClubHub changes, and carry the additional GST cost
  2. increase all subscriptions to account for GST and treat early payments as a windfall profit (for debts not yet charged of course)
  3. examine all debts on 1 October and create debit adjustments for the increased GST cost of each debt (or group of debts)
  4. (if your club does not use Earlybird Discounts currently) have an EBD of 2.5% expiring on 30 September (for debts not yet charged of course).
Note that option 4 won't work very well for any debts that are partially paid, since 2.5% will be added to the full debt amount.  

Xero and the GST Rate Change (Admin)

GST changes in New Zealand on 1st October 2010 from 12.5% to 15%. ClubHub Support will update your GST rate at 11:59pm on Thursday 30th September 2010. For Xero users the GST change is significant within ClubHub as the invoices ClubHub send to Xero are split into GST and non-GST elements. You need to have the GST settings in Xero set to the new rate. It's our understanding that Xero will do this automatically for you. See for more information. We imagine that you will wish check that a new draft invoice from ClubHub on 1st October looks correct i.e. that GST calculations in ClubHub agree with Xero.  

Administrator Security

Good Security Practices for Administrators
  1. ClubHub administrator (and grade coordinator) logins should use high quality passwords i.e. letters, numbers, symbols, with upper and lower case, and at least 8 characters
  2. All users be encouraged to log out once they have completed their ClubHub task
  3. Member information should not be sent via email (as it's insecure, and emails can easily be resent)
  4. Administrator and grade coordinator login details should be updated regularly, and if sent by email, updated immediately
  5. Administrators and grade coordinators should not login on public wifi.

Unsupported Browsers

Internet Explorer 6 is no longer supported in ClubHub. While we regret having to make this decision, the costs we incur supporting and testing it are considerable, and we are no longer able to do so. Note that Microsoft also considers IE6 to be an obsolete product and recommends that users upgrade to IE8. We do understand that some people who use ClubHub at work may not be able to upgrade because they work for a corporate whose IT department won't allow it, but we cannot allow their decisions to affect our company's costs. We expect that there will be a few ClubHub users still on IE6, and we suggest that where possible these users upgrade to a more recent version of Internet Explorer, or to Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. This suggestion (while echoed by Microsoft and many others) is only our opinion, and we accept no responsibility for any issues resulting from a new installation or upgrade. Just for your information, here's a site that lists browser usage stats. You'll note that (as at June 2010) IE6 usage continues to plunge. Please contact ClubHub Support if you have any queries. Any correspondence should include the version of your browser - shown when you enter "javascript:alert(navigator.userAgent)" (without the quotes) into your browser's URL field and press {ENTER}.  

About Support Emails

We try not to be too formal about communications, but some of the emails to support can be pretty hard to decipher. Sometimes the only way we can work out which club it is, is to see if the email address is in our database (and sometimes it's there several times for different clubs). And then the explanations might be a bit terse e.g. "I can't login, please fix."
Can you please make sure any support emails...
2. include something in the subject to identify the club or organisation using ClubHub
3. explain the problem in steps we can replicate, for example
a. I have logged in as a grade coordinator (username bobsmi1234)
b. I look under Tasks >> Teams
c. Why is team Big Guys not in my list
4. if possible and relevant, send screenprints (see FAQ on screenprints).
Your help is appreciated.  

Creating screenprints for emailing

If you report a problem to ClubHub Support they may ask you for screenprints of the problem i.e. images of the ClubHub pages showing the problem.
If you don't know what this means, here's how to create screenprints:
1. open a Word document (or similar word-processing program)
2. go to the ClubHub page that you wish to screenprint
3. press PrtScn on your keyboard
4. go back to the document and press Ctrl V
5. repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 as required
6. save the document
7. send the document to ClubHub Support

Being Logged In More Than Once

Some users of ClubHub wish to be logged in twice, normally to one club using different logins, or (where administrators are employed by two clubs or members are in two or more clubs that use ClubHub) into two clubs. We do not recommend this, but since some users will try it please note the following 1. Logging in twice using the same browser does not result in an error being issued, but the two logins can and will get completely mixed up. This is a very bad idea, please do not contemplate this if you want your club's data to be correct. 2. Users can be logged in twice successfully if they use a different browser for each one e.g. login as admin in one club in Firefox, and as admin in a different club in Internet Explorer. However, since it would be easy for the user to get things confused, so we would not recommend this action. 3. All browsers e.g. Internet Explorer and its versions, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and all the others, behave in subtly different ways, and it's a real challenge sometimes to make ClubHub behaviour the same across them. If you get any odd or unwelcome behaviour in your browser in this timeout/login area, please advise us what's happened and what browser you were using. If we can replicate the problem we can fix it.  

I try to logon but it just refreshes the screen

Please check your privacy setting, especially if you are using Internet Explorer. A setting of Medium is appropriate to run ClubHub. Generally you can change this setting by finding Internet Options and then Privacy. For example, in Internet Explorer 7, you can change your Privacy setting via Tools >> Internet Options >> Privacy, then moving the slider to Medium. If you can't find the setting on your particular browser, then a search in Google will generally help.  

A player will play in two grades (admin)

Your club might allow players to enter into two competitions, for example a player could play in the Saturday mixed grade, and also in the Sunday Girls Only grade. You have a choice how you manage this, and it depends whether you want the player to be charged two subscriptions or not.

Method One - one subscription to be paid

  1. Have the player register once
  2. Add them to a team in the first grade
  3. Add them to a team in the second grade (use Tasks >> Teams >> Select all Teams sorted by Grade)

Method Two - two subscriptions to be paid

  1. Have the player register twice in different grades (in the same family)
  2. Add the first grade player in the to a team in that grade
  3. Add the second grade player to a team in that grade.

ClubHub and Xero (Admin)

ClubHub is fully connected to Xero's online accounting system ( This means that a club can reconcile their bank accounts in Xero, and have ClubHub updated with the matching results.


A debt is created in ClubHub. This debt may comprise one or more items that have been purchased by a financial group or family. ClubHub collects together items that are expected to be paid in one payment as an Expected Payment. ClubHub creates (if it doesn't already exist) a Xero Contact for the financial group and passes this debt to Xero as an invoice. An Expected Payment might comprise 2 subscriptions and a hat purchase, or may be a single subscription. If the financial group makes a subsequent purchase, for example, buying a clinic, this will be sent over as an additional invoice for that contact. If this debt is subsequently paid either completely or partially in ClubHub, it becomes invalid in Xero. ClubHub is not permitted to send a credit note to Xero, nor to delete an invoice in Xero. Instead ClubHub will detect that Xero expects a payment that is no longer due and will tell the Administrator to delete or void the invoice in Xero.
If a debt still remains, a fresh invoice reflecting the correct reduced amount can then be sent to Xero.
If this debt is paid or part paid in Xero, a matching payment for the amount will be created in ClubHub.
If this debt is overpaid in Xero, then an additional invoice must be created in ClubHub and sent to Xero to be used in the matching. If the overpayment is a donation, then it can be created as an invoice in Xero and then in ClubHub, the payment can have the donation amount amended to match. If the debt is underpaid in Xero, the the outstanding amount will continue to be reported as a debt in both ClubHub and Xero until it is fully paid. If you want to write off the outstanding debt then you can create a credit note in Xero and this will be automatically created as a Credit Adjustment in ClubHub.
The daily credit card amount received is sent as a single invoice to Xero. The functions in the interface between the two systems are
  1. Xero account and tracking codes are attached to ClubHub for
    1. Grades
    2. Merchandise
    3. Coaching Clinics
    4. Non-player subscriptions
    5. Adjustments
    6. Donations
  2. A scheduled (or manually triggered) process runs to exchange debt information between ClubHub and Xero at a time suitable for the club.
  3. A scheduled process runs to exchange credit card payment information between ClubHub and Xero at a time suitable for the club (and the credit card company).
  4. The Manage Payments... screen for a financial group allows that particluar financial group to be refreshed whenever the Administrator chooses to.

Updating The Two Systems

ClubHub triggers the exchange of information between itself and Xero. The exchanges are
  1. debt created in ClubHub
  2. invoice received by Xero (draft)
  3. invoice authorised in Xero
  4. invoice matched in Xero
  5. invoice no longer in Xero
  6. invoice matched in Xero but short-paid
  7. invoice no longer matched in Xero

Allow Grade Coordinators to View Financial Details (Admin)

You can give individual grade coordinators the ability to view a family's statement. If you would like to be able to choose grade coordinators to give that functionality to, please advise ClubHub Support and we will add this ability. Once enabled, go to Tasks >> Manage Members >> Grade Coordinators and select the roles required for each member.  

Change Grade Coordinator Viewing Rights (Admin)

ClubHub allows you to give individual grade coordinators more or less functionality. The standard grade coordinator is able to
  1. Search for players and parents in all grades, no player edit. You can now amend each grade coordinator's rights if you want, so that they can, when logged in
  2. Search for players and parents in all grades, edit players in their grades
  3. Search for players and parents in their grades, no player edit
  4. Search for players and parents in all grades, edit players in all grades
  5. Search for players and parents in their grades, edit players in their grades
The first thing you need to do, if this appeals to your club, is tell ClubHub Support which ones of 2, 3, 4 and 5 your club might want to use. We think you need to consider this carefully, and that for simplicity's sake you don't ask for all of them. Once you've said which ones you want, we'll apply them to your club, and you can then change the rights of any or all of your grade coordinators accordingly. Once enabled by ClubHub Support, go to Tasks >> Manage Members >> Grade Coordinators and select the roles required for each member.  

Re-registrations (admin)

For clubs that are seasonally based, for example soccer clubs, players are required to register every season. This is the most efficient way to manage a club for many reasons including 'management of those who don't register in the new season would be required ' details change over the season ' junior players will be in a different grade. The normal process is that the player is asked to register again, and ClubHub links him or her to last season's player based upon a match of first name, last name and date of birth. Manual linking is also available to cope with differing details e.g. Tony this season, Anthony last season. Players don't always understand (or agree with) this process. Sometimes they try and login with last season's username and password, and get frustrated when it doesn't work. To cope with this we now accept last season's username and password, and the player or parent is shown all last season's details for all players and parents in their family. They need to confirm all details, and can add new people and remove people no longer involved. The "I Have Forgotten my Username and Password" link may be used to retrieve last season's username and password too. You can ask ClubHub Support to update the text displayed on the registration options screen (the screen where users elect to register). For example, this text may be appropriate... You may re-activate your details from last Season if you wish (if registration is open). Click Login and enter your username and password from last Season. The I Have Forgotten My Username or Password link may assist.  

Marketing Emails (admin)

ClubHub can be set up so that members can decide whether they want to receive marketing emails from their club. To enable this functionality please contact ClubHub Support ( It operates in this manner:
  1. When members register via ClubHub a hidden field called 'Accept Marketing Emails' is set to Yes
  2. Administrators will see a new Contact option called Marketing Acceptors
  3. When Marketing Acceptors is clicked, administrators may compose and send an email in the normal manner
  4. All emails sent via Contact >> Marketing Acceptors will include a Marketing Unsubscribe option
  5. Administrators can manually change an individual's 'Accept Marketing Emails' value to No
  6. Ordinary members can change their 'Accept Marketing Emails' value to No or Yes when they are logged in.
You can change some of the text associated with this function. Please advise if any changes are required when you ask us to turn this on: Text at the end of every marketing email sent: This is a marketing email from YourClubName. You have previously elected to receive marketing emails, but you may change this. Click here to unsubscribe. Unsubscribe confirmation screen closing text: YourClubName sends emails related to the running of the club, and also marketing emails. You have elected not to receive marketing emails, but you will continue to receive general club emails. All members will receive marketing emails initially (all existing members have 'Accept Marketing Emails' set to Yes). The first marketing email is the appropriate time for them to select unsubscribe if required. Note: clubs that allow registration within families often have shared email addresses. Unsubscribing relates to the email address not the person, so one unsubscribe action affects every instance of that email address in the club.  

Balance Accounts prior to Archiving (admin)

This process concerns seasonal clubs only, not those that operate year round. Before we can archive the club ready for registration next season, all outstanding accounts need to be completed i.e. the balances must be zero. You'll find a function under Tasks >> Financial >> Balance Accounts which lists people/ families with an outstanding balance. Most will owe money, but there may be some credits present too - credits appear as negative amounts. Ideally the people owing money should pay it, and people owed money should be paid out. If this option isn't available, then you can click each person/family and easily create a debit or credit adjustment for them. If you leave the data on the generated screens alone, then the debits created will be marked "End of year CREDIT account balancing adjustment" and credits created will be marked "End of year DEBIT account balancing adjustment". Once balances owing have been cleared your club should be ready for archiving. You may wish to run relevant financial reports to record the adjustments created, if you intend to pursue them in the following season.  

What type of ClubHub club are we (admin)

There are two basic clubs types in ClubHub:
  • Seasonal Membership Clubs
  • Year Round Membership Clubs

Seasonal Membership Clubs

Your Club Season runs for a part of the year only and registration happens once a year (e.g. Football, Cricket, Rugby) At the end of the Season ClubHub will archive all of the previous year's Member data in order to set the system up for the coming year's registrations. The archived data will be available for administration searches, communication with last year's Sections, and Pack allocation. The archive process performs the following actions:
  • All Members are copied across to the Archive area with the relevant data for the recently completed Season (Pack info)
  • All Members are then deleted from the current Season database, so are ONLY available for archive searches
  • All parent and family linking data is deleted
  • All financial records are deleted
  • All Helpers are deleted
  • All Sections Coordinators are deleted
  • All records of Event purchases are deleted (the Events themselves are retained)
  • All records of Merchandise purchases are deleted(the Merchandise Items themselves are retained)
  • All Sections, Sections types, discounts and subscriptions are retained
  • All Packs are retained

Year Round Membership Clubs

Your Club Season runs for the full year and members join throughout the year (and therefore have membership anniversaries throughout the year) e.g. tennis, gym, bowling clubs. ClubHub automatically controls your membership renewal process. This works as follows:
  1. Member joins the Club on-line
  2. Member is automatically allocated an anniversary date which is the day and month that their membership renews on. The anniversary date can be changed subsequently but only by the Administrator.
  3. Every day ClubHub will check for members of your Club whose anniversary falls on the current date and automatically
    1. updates their anniversary to the following year
    2. creates a balance for the player equal to this year's subscription (minus any discounts that the person qualified for previously)
    3. emails the member to let them know their subscription is due.
NOTE 1 - If the renewal process detects that a member will be moving into a different Section when they are renewed, or that a given discount no longer applies, the Administrator will be notified by email that they need to attend to this before it can be processed. NOTE 2 - If you edit a member's details in a way that would affect their subscription amount, ClubHub will regenerate their subscription accordingly (you will be informed of this). NOTE 3 - You can produce a renewals report which will shows members who are due for renewal in a specified timeframe (e.g. in the coming month). This should be run periodically to ensure that the correct subscription will be generated at the appropriate time.  

My credit card didn't work, the system is broken!

When you want to make a payment via credit card in ClubHub you are displayed a DPS ( webpage in which to enter your details. If the credit card is declined, it is not because of ClubHub or DPS, it is because your bank has been asked by DPS if the credit card transaction should be accepted, and the bank said no. To discover why a credit card is declined, you should ring up your bank and ask them why. Do not ask "is there anything wrong with my card", ask them "why was my transaction at [date and time] declined".  

Credit Card Payments - No Card Type Requested

Sometimes people ask us why the DPS credit card does not ask for the card type i.e. Visa or Mastercard. DPS tell us: "There is no reason to select card type, because Visa cards always begin with '4' and MasterCard cards always begin with '5'. "  

How Do I Email All Donors (admin)

  1. Run the Player Report, making sure you tick the Email and Donation fields
  2. Sort the report by Donation (click that column header) so that donations greater than zero are at the top
  3. Cut and paste the report into a Word document or similar (Control a, Control c, then Control v into the Word document)
  4. Cut the email column from the Word document email column for those who have made a donaion (mouse drag over, Control c, then Control v into the email client) (definitely into the bcc field).
Note that this report lists player's email addresses only, if a parent had a different email address then their one won't be included.  

Can Non-Members Book Coaching (admin)

Yes they can, if you set it up
  1. Tasks >> Configuration >> Non Player Types >> Create a new Non Player type
  2. Fill in details especially
    1. Description set to something like Coaching Only Member
    2. Is this type of Non Player for purchasing Coaching Courses set to Yes
    3. Does this type of Non Player require Parent/Guardians set to Yes (probably)
    4. Should this type of Non Player be requested to help the Club set to No (probably)
    5. Should this type of Non Player be shown registration Merchandise set to No (probably)
    6. Is this type of Non Player open for registration set to Yes
    7. Is this a permanent membership (eg. Life Member) set to No
    8. Does this type of Non Player require a role set to No
  3. Go to the Options page and check that the option appears (see ClubHub Links report for the URL)
  4. Register someone to check it works as expected (noting that the member is FORCED to buy a coaching course)
  5. Delete that test person as required.

How do I tell everyone what team they are in (admin)

Firstly, you need to release all relevant teams (Tasks >> Teams >> Release Teams by Grade). Now send an email to everyone in those teams (Contact >> Team Members or Contact >> Grade Members >> All Players in a Team). The wording will be something like Hi there, You have now been allocated to a team. Login to see which team you are in, and click Contact >> Team Members to see who is in your team, and to contact them. Regards etc If you want to include the login link, then get the value from the ClubHub Link report.  

I am not receiving emails sent by the club

Common reasons are:
  • the email address is incorrect
  • your ISP is stopping them
  • your company's servers are stopping them
  • they are going into your junk folders
  • someone with access to your inbox is deleting
  • you are ignoring them
The club knows if you have not validated your email address, and should contact you to find out why you aren't getting them. The best way to make sure you get your emails is to add one or more email addresses, so that all emails sent to you are copied there as well. This is useful for work/home email delivery, and if you cannot resolve why emails sent by the club don't get to you. The email you add could be a free one, for example a gmail address. These are potentially more reliable than your work email address as you can normally view the rejected emails in the junk folder, and set them to "not junk" status.
To add a new email address
1. Login to ClubHub
2. Select My Details >> Options >> Add an email address (email redirection)
3. Click Add another email address
4. Enter the new email address
5. Press Create.
Note that you can see the recent emails sent to you and by you in ClubHub. Login and go to My Details >> Review My Emails.

Members aren't receiving their emails (admin)

There are any number of reasons why members do not get their emails, and they are all outside ClubHub's control. The good thing is that Email Validation tells you who isn't getting emails, and you can take some action to resolve. Do not get into too much discussion with your members about what's happening to the emails once they are sent from ClubHub, just say that they are definitely being sent, and either:
  • you get so many emails that you can't see the important ones
  • your company is stopping them (when using a corporate email address)
  • they are going into your junk folders
  • someone with access to your inbox is deleting them
  • you are ignoring them
  • your ISP is stopping them (check that your organisation's domain doesn't have an SPF record that will stop ClubHub emails (that use the domain) from getting through)
  • many other other reasons
Note that members can see the recent emails sent to them and sent by them in ClubHub. They should login and go to My Details >> Review My Emails.

Emails are going to the Members' SPAM folders

The reason that an email sent through ClubHub might be marked as spam by some ISPs is because the sending domain ( is different to the sender's domain in their email address ( or similar). When this occurs the recipient can retrieve the email from spam and read it, and to avoid it happening again, add as a contact. If you want a global solution to catch everyone who may have this issue, then you could send an email through your non-ClubHub email client saying something like... This email is sent through YOUREMAILCLIENT to ensure that you receive it. Most of our emails are sent through ClubHub, our member management software, and a few members have reported that the emails have gone to their spam folders. If this happens to you please add to your contacts or safe list so that future emails are received correctly. If you don't know how to do that, google something like 'address book safe list' for your particular email client.

Asking Questions of ClubHub

We ask that you email any questions you have on ClubHub functionality to This ensures that:
  1. we have a record of the question (rather than taking a call, getting distracted and then forgetting about it)
  2. the question gets to the right person promptly (the person answering the phone may not have the knowledge of the area)
  3. we can create an FAQ ensuring that others can benefit from the answer.

Adding players to team registered teams (admin)

Some clubs use the ClubHub "team registration" functionality rather than, or as well as, individual player registration. Team registration has only the team organiser registering, with a team being created automatically, and the organiser later adding a list of the players in that team.

Can individually registered players be added to a team?

Yes, but only by the administrator.
1. Login as administrator
2. Tasks >> Teams >> Select all Teams sorted by Grade
3. Pick the team
4. Allocate Players to this Team (show all Players whether assigned to a Team or not)
5. Select the players you want to add
6. Commit Changes.

Email Validation

One of the hardest things about communicating with members via email is that not all of the email addresses in the database are correct. Some are no longer current and some were incorrectly entered during registration, but either way
  1. the members attached to those addresses are not receiving emails from the club
  2. they are getting annoyed not knowing what is going on at the club.
We have a process in ClubHub called Email Validation, designed to ensure that member's email addresses are correct. This process sends an email to all individual email addresses in the database and asks members to click a link in the email to verify that they have received it. If they click the link, the address is validated and they will not receive the email again this season. If they do not, the system will generate an identical email to them the following week, and so on, until they validate it. The way to resolve non-validated email addresses is to call the person and ask them what their address is. If you have unvalidated email addresses in your club you'll see a link in the Health Check on your administrator Home Page.  

Helper Report Sorting

Clubs say "Our coaches are having difficulty working through the volunteers as the Helpers report is not sorting by Grade. Each Grade Coordinator is only interested in their grades volunteers and they are having to scroll through too many to find their people." The problem is that parents have more than one child, and a parent may be happy to help in one or more grades. Take a father with two children in different grades. He will coach one team but not the other, but does not mind which. How would the ClubHub software know which grade your club wants him to be reported in? ClubHub believe that the best way for a club to handle this is to put someone in charge of allocating coaches to grades based upon each parent's comments, and on the grade's requirements, and then tell the gradecos who they have been allocated. Any comments on alternative ways to achieve your ends are welcome.  

How do I contact members from last year

This information is only relevant for seasonal clubs such as football and cricket. At the end of a given season, all membership data is archived to make way for the following year. It is still possible to contact archived members by email from within ClubHub, but only for the most recent season. These instructions apply to both Administrators and Grade Coordinators:
  1. Login as either an Administrator or Grade Coordinator
  2. Choose Contact >> Last Seasons Grade Members (or similar)
  3. Choose the Grades from last season that you wish to contact, or select all
  4. Choose whether to include all members, or only those who have not yet registered for this season 4. Create the email as you would normally If you have any questions, please email ClubHub Support.

Printing from your browser

If you want to print this document you can
  1. use the print features in your browser, or
  2. copy and paste the text to a different program, edit it as required and print from there.
The print feature in your browser needs some management to ensure you get a good result. Do not click the Print icon because it's likely that the report will be squashed up to print in 'portrait ' mode and will be quite small so hard to read. Instead select File >> Print and then find 'Landscape mode for your printer.' and then print it. If the report you are printing allows selection of many fields to include in the report, then consider de-selecting any fields you don't need, so that your browser doesn't have to shrink the text to fit it onto the printed page.  

Problems pasting Excel data into an email

CKeditor, the software used to give you WYSIWYG editing in your emails, doesn't handle cut & paste directly from Microsoft Excel into the CKeditor text window very well. It looks OK when pasted in, but when the email is received the text is all run together. For the moment we recommend you click the Paste As Plain Text icon, and then paste the Excel content into that window.  

How do I separate or merge a family in ClubHub (Admin)

A. Separate a person from a family

  1. Search for the person
  2. Click Move against the person
  3. Click "click here to create them in a new Family Group"

B. Merge one family with another

  1. Search for the person
  2. Click Merge this Family Group with another one
  3. Search for the family required
  4. Press Move Entire Family Group

C. Move a person into a different family

  1. Follow steps under A above
  2. Follow steps under B above

About FAQs - please read

There is one FAQ forum for all ClubHub users. However some of the topics will not apply to you. The topics that are only for administrators are followed by "(Admin)", but topics valid for some other user types are not marked in any way. For example, ordinary club members are not permitted to upload images to ClubHub, but they are permitted to use existing ones. To find the topic you need to do a search (field is in the upper right corner). Enter one or more words e.g. refund player, and click search. You will be returned all results that contain those two words. These results will include any hits in ClubHub forums other than ClubHub FAQs. To search in ClubHub FAQs specifically you'll need to use Advanced Search.  

Copy a report to Excel

  1. Open the report
  2. Control A
  3. Control C (data is now in clipboard)
  4. Open Excel sheet, and position in cell A1
  5. Ctrl V
  6. Remove any cells not required e.g. the logo
  7. Format as required. Some reports have a data only option, which will avoid logos and footers being pasted.
As an alternative to action 2 above, you can drag the mouse of the values required to highlight them, and then click control C.  

What is the link for login (Admin)

Have a look under Help >> Navigation >> Reports >> Configuration >> ClubHub Links. There you'll find all the links you need.

After credit card payment ClubHub tells me cookies are not turned on

Clearly you do have cookies turned on, else you could not use ClubHub at all. What's happened is that you have gone from the ClubHub website to the credit card payment website and your ClubHub cookies have been deleted.

They will be deleted if your browser is set up to delete cookies after leaving  the website, and you can correct the situation by adjusting your browser options.

However we have seen some rare cases in Firefox where cookie settings are correct but the cookies are still deleted on leaving the ClubHub website, and thus the problem still occurs. We do not know why this is, but it's a browser issue, not a ClubHub one. We think your options are

  1. don't worry, just accept that credit card payments within ClubHub give this error
  2. delete all cookies in Firefox and retry
  3. uninstall Firefox - completely, don't keep any files, then reinstall
  4. change browsers.

Here are two links to similar Firefox issues (although not with ClubHub of course). Perhaps you can read this and get some ideas.

Make an uploaded file or image permanent (Admin)

An administrator can make a file or image permanent so that it will not be deleted by the ClubHub system after its expiry date. Go to Tasks >> Web Content >> >> Web File Maintenance and click Permanent for the file or image in question.  

How long are upload files and images retained

Files and images loaded to ClubHub are retained for a limited number of days, and deleted after that. A typical setting is 10 days. This gives sufficient time for the email linking to it to be read. If you want a file to be permanent, contact your Club Administrator and ask them to make it permanent.  

Use an internet image in an email

If the image exists on the Internet you can link to it in your email.
  1. Get the internet address of the image e.g. ... ext400.gif
  2. Click the Insert/Edit Image icon (the picture of mountains)
  3. Enter the address into URL
  4. Click OK

Use an image in an email

If the image has already been loaded for your Club then you can use it in your email.
  1. Click the Insert/Edit Image icon (the picture of mountains)
  2. Click Browser Server
  3. Select the image
  4. Click OK

Upload an image

Image loading is restricted to coach levels and above.
  1. While creating the email click the Insert/Edit Image icon (the picture of mountains)
  2. Click the Upload tab
  3. Choose File
  4. Send It To The Server

Make image clickable

You can make an image clickable, so that the recipient of the email can click it to access the webpage you define.
  1. Click the Insert/Edit Image icon
  2. Click Browser Server, and then select the image required
  3. Click the second tab called Link
  4. Enter the URL required
  5. Normally select a target of New Window so that it opens in a separate window
  6. Click OK

Convert image formats

The list of accepted formats for ClubHub images may be found in Help >> Help when creating an email. To convert an image to an accepted one is quite easy: google convert image online and you'll find some online tools.

Tell ClubHub what browser you are using

When an issue occurs ClubHub will sometimes want to know your browser version and setup. To get those details to ClubHub click here and enter
  1. Enter your name in the Your name field
  2. Enter your email address in the Your email address field
  3. Enter in the Their email field
  4. Press Send in an Email.

Give a member a credit when using Xero

I have a member in ClubHub and I use Xero - how do I give them a $90 credit?
  1. In ClubHub - Create a credit adjustment for $90 by clicking Create  new Payment from  Manage Payments and Bookings, give it an appropriate description and allocate $90 to the subscription.
  2. In ClubHub - click Refresh Xero Status - this will delete the existing invoice in Xero.
  3. In ClubHub - click Send All Unsent Transactions to Xero: this will send a new invoice to Xero for $90.
  4. In Xero - Find the appropriate payment line and match the invoice to $90 of it.
  5. In ClubHub - click Refresh Xero Status - this will update the ClubHub invoice status to Paid.
  6. In ClubHub - click Show Statement, everything should look correct with a 0 balance.
Note - you do not have to do more than Step 1 and Step 4 unless you want to do it all at once. For example, if you create the $90 credit, the Xero Invoice will be deleted and created by the next auto Xero update (usually set up to run once at night). Then if you update Xero with the payment information a day or more later, the ClubHub invoice will be updated to paid that night.

Collecting Last Seasons Debts

Clubs that are seasonal e.g. a football club that runs from April to September, must clear their debts for the old season before the rollover process (to open the new season) can run. This is achieved via the Balance Accounts function. The club may want to collect this money from the member if they join in the new season, and ClubHub recommends that outstanding debts from last season are created in ClubHub in the new season using a debit adjustment. If you (as administrator) wish to receive an email notification when a debtor or creditor registers i.e. someone who had a debt or credit cleared in the Balance Accounts function above then
  1. Login as admin
  2. My Details >> Options >> Receive Notifications by Email
  3. Create a new Notification
  4. select Debtors Reregistering
  5. set the required Frequency
  6. press Create.
How do I make sure my members enter a reference on Internet Banking Payments so I know who they are? Internet Banking - CH- numbers In order to easily process internet banking payments your members need to put the CH- reference into the payment reference field. You can search for this number in ClubHub using the Search screen (search for payment identifier). While we can't force members to key it in, it is possible to encourage them. The CH- number is displayed by default on their manual payment screen but you can also display it on the very first payment screen i.e. when they select 'Make a Payment' by setting up a Special Text - number 69. Special Text 69 is displayed at the end of the 'Make a Payment' screen. To edit this text go to Tasks > Configuration > Configure Text. Then look for the text with 69 - at the start. You can put any text you like here but in order to show the particular persons CH- number in this text you have to use a token which will be replaced by their CH- number. This token is ?paymentidentifier? Here is an example which uses that token and also some other tokens:

Internet Banking:

If you wish to pay this account by Internet banking please deposit ?amountdue? to ?bankaccount?, enter ?clubname? in the Payee or Account Holder Name field (if requested), and enter our identifier ?paymentidentifier? in the Particulars field. If you do not enter the identifier, it will be difficult for us to match your payment and you may receive payment reminders for some time. This is translated with ?amountdue? replaced by the total amount they owe, ?bankaccount? with your bank account and  ?paymentidentifier? with the CH- number. So that the user sees: Internet Banking: If you wish to pay this account by Internet banking please deposit $103.89 (includes $15.00 handling fee) to 19-3431-0000567-00, enter The Wonderful Club in the Payee or Account Holder Name field (if requested), and enter our identifier CH-00534675 in the Particulars field. If you do not enter the identifier, it will be difficult for us to match your payment and you may receive payment reminders for some time. If I calculate the total in Debt Reminders why does it not match the debtors report? If you use a debt age of 0 days, you might expect the that if you summed the totals in the Debt Reminders screen it would match the Debtors Report total. However, The Debt Reminders lists every unique email address that the reminder will be sent to so it may well show a higher total.