Team Management

Once registration is complete you will want to organise players into their teams. This is incredibly easy in ClubHub, and a task that may have taken untold hours for a club with a large membership will only take 15 minutes for a whole grade.

The steps required are

  1. create teams required (last year's will still be there, so that's only the first time)
  2. select the grade to display its members
  3. select the team
  4. tick a number of players
  5. confirm.

When the players are displayed in point 2 above you can see any of their data fields, such as

  • last year's team
  • who they want to play with
  • coach preferences
  • whether they have paid
  • any fields unique to your organisation.

ClubHub also features team registration. A team organiser registers their team's details, and can then add the names of their player. This method suits clubs where charging is by team and not by player.