Online Credit Card Payment

It's easy to setup ClubHub to accept credit card payments from your members, and we partner with Stripe and DPS to provide your oganisation with secure transaction processing directly with your bank.

The setup steps are

  1. Contact your bank and request "an electronic merchant facility to be used in conjunction with DPS/Payment Express for the purpose of processing online credit card transactions". If your organisation is not-for-profit then make sure the bank notes this, as this has an effect on what they charge.
  2. Your organisation will need to sign some forms from the bank approving the facility
  3. Once you've done step 1, we will contact DPS and apply for an account on your behalf
  4. The bank will send set-up details to DPS
  5. DPS send us the information and then we can activate online payment within ClubHub.

The bank is often the bottleneck here, so step 1 should be started as soon as possible. They will probably send you a list of things that they need you to have on the website e.g. a refund policy. Let us know what they ask for, and we can help you work through these requirement.