Course & Event bookings

The courses & Events module in ClubHub can be used for:

  • Sailing Club - regatta registration
  • Music Club - booking students into classes for next term
  • Football Club - booking coaching clinics and school holiday porgrammes
  • Bridge Club - members registering for an upcoming club competition

ClubHub allows administrators to create Courses or Events (we can call it whatever you want) that members can register and pay for.

For example a football club might offer holiday coaching, or a business group might sell tickets to an event.

You can control which types of people can buy a course or event, for example football holiday coaching can be limited to grades 5, 6 and 7.

ClubHub also allows a club or organisation to have registration for non-members, so that these events can be sold to people outside your club or organisation.  This could be a sailing club opening up regatta entries to members of other clubs.  Non member registrations can still pay by credit card, and retain their login details for the following year's regatta.

People who register can automatically be grouped on registration i.e. put into a team/group, so that they are easily managed and communicated with.

Keen for a demo?

We're happy to run through the system features with you  in a demo system  tailored to your club or organisation type.