Competition Management

Competition management in ClubHub could be for:

  • 5-aside football league, with team registration
  • netball competitions over the course of a term

Once you have all your teams registered into ClubHub, you may want to run a competition or league.

The steps required are

  1. create a competition & define what the competition structure is
  2. add teams to it
  3. generate the draw
  4. make changes to the competition as necessary
  5. re-generate the draw
  6. assign venues to the games
  7. release the competition so that members can see the draw

Once the competition is in progress you may

  1. add results - now players can see results and view the table of standings
  2. postpone a game
  3. add a message to the draw

ClubHub also features team registration. A team organiser registers their team's details, and can then add the names of their players. If you run several competitions (maybe on different nights of the week), they can choose the one they want to play in as they register.

Keen for a demo?

We're happy to run through the system features with you  in a demo system  tailored to your club or organisation type.